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The recycling process



The Recycling Process



• Most residues are contaminated with
Oil, carbon, Sulfur, etc. This elements have to be treated out first.


• Conversion of Low carbon residues in raw material for the V-Chemistry. The residues are treated in a pyrometallurgic way. Results are Nickel Matte and V-Slag, which will be leached. After liquid/solid separation Vanadium-Chemicals are precipitated, which then are refined through calcination/reduction to further products.


• Hydrometallurgy for conversion of low carbon catalysts containing Vanadium, in Ammoniummetavanadate, Molybdenohydrates and an accumulative alloy containing Aluminiumoxid, Nickel and Cobalt


• Hydrometallurgy for conversion of low carbon catalysts without Vanadium, in Ammoniumparamolybdate, Aluminiumoxid and Cobalt-Nickelsolution.



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