Lawful processing


Environmental aspects

The authorities worldwide know that the environmental protection is an important component for our future.


Basel Convention

on the control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal is the most comprehensive global environmental agreement on hazardous and other wastes.



is tackling todays most challenging waste issue: promoting sustainable use of materials in order to reduce their negative environmental impacts and to encourage waste minimization, while supporting economic development.


Even Newly Industrialized Countries and e.g. BRIICS states are updating the relevant regulations on the waste management, and striving for green economy and sustainable development. We are involved in the waste management for many years, we have lots of technology and experience in the recycling activities.


Environmental facts

Residues out of the oil treatment have several pollutants such as Chromium, lead, mercury, nickel- and vanadium compounds, etc.
These elements in this state are contaminate for the groundwater, mutagenic, cancerogenic, pyrophoric

After treatment we get high sophisticated chemicals without any residues in addition


Customer Satisfaction - Our Essential Policy

We treat 100% of the delivered materials: 


  • Carbon
  • Ashes
  • Filter cakes
  • Spent catalysts
  • Wastes out of Chemicals and oil production (others)


We treat in an environmental, political
and commercial appropriate way 


  • Avoiding residue tourism worldwide, we dont trade with the material our customers entrust us
  • Avoiding problems with authorities, evidently we operate in full conformity with the law including emission regulations
  • Getting value for the country/companies producing the residues to reduce the environmental costs
  • Under consideration of optimized output of Metals and Thermal- and Electric Energy


We process without any residues


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